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Tamer Animals is the signature collection of work by Taylor Parker. She is an architectural/textile designer, illustrator, blogger, children's book author, and maker. With whimsical designs and vibrant colors she hopes to capture the beauty of abstraction through a marriage of nature and the built environment. She likes to combine hand-painted objects with some digital manipulation as her preferred style.  She also dabbles in jewelry-making, clothing design, pottery, and needlework crafts but painting is her primary passion. 

She graduated with a B.Arch in 2016.  Her many past lives outside of architecture/design include (and are certainly not limited to:) dropping out of fashion school, working at a whitewater rafting company, running a vintage clothing store and cafe, being the editor-in-chief of an international design magazine, doing vocals and playing instruments in several bands that never quite made it big, working at a steel mill (!!!,) operating a music venue/being a booking agent/personal stylist, and selling vintage clothing for over fifteen years. 

She is (soon-to-be) located near Asheville, NC and enjoys being a mama to a lovely girl and a hilarious furkid, taking photos of colorful things, dancing to soul 45s or 90's shoegaze, sipping on warm cups of Counterculture or Revelator coffee, watching NOVA in cozy socks, and renovating a 1940's marble bungalow in the mountains. She is deeply inspired by graphic design from 1964-1972, space age themes, Metabolist architecture, midcentury furniture design, and the natural world. 

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